Thursday, 26 June 2014

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René Lacoste focused on the development of a both elegant and comfortable clothing to replace the traditional game of tennis shirt. He's inspired by the clothing worn by polo players, and on this basis, with a button collar band. The first sewing tennis shirt only his personal use when playing.
A white, embroidered crocodile trademark tennis sweatshirt "Chemise Lacoste", which gave birth to subvert the traditional tennis shirt, rapid popularity on the tennis court. In 1993, the first series of the garment at the great athletes and Troyer entrepreneurs, while also start producing next knitting expert André Gillier (Andre Mr. Gilliere) cooperation. Select from the buttons to the final assembly, perfectionism and harsh spirit of cooperation throughout the process, but also witnessed the cheap LACOSTE brand spirit.
L represents LACOSTE
A representative of the fabric, small embossed cloth,
2 represents short sleeves
12 represents the ultimate kind of clothing Numbers recognized by the René Lacoste

L.12.12 is strictly industrial process honed through long-term outcome of this process from the selection of raw materials began to permeate the entire process. Standard cotton choose to durability, softness and precision known. We require the same knitted high standards, we use two strands of wire twisted sewing ensure "petit piqué (small embossed cotton)" highlight the noble temperament.
About dyeing process, we have the world's largest color scheme.
In the final assembly, LACOSTE sale  clothing on multiple handmade craft production is amazing.
Sewn crocodile trademark
Label sewn on the collar
Mother of pearl buttons sewn on
Final suture yarn

"Journey of a lifetime, because moving and beautiful" (LIFE IS A BEAUTIF
UL SPORT.) Is not just a slogan, it is a new commitment LACOSTE. This commitment is a re-interpretation of the brand's core values​​.
René Lacoste never felt the movement is just a mechanical movement, the movement insists it is for life, enthusiasm and praise.
Life is a movement, the courage to be a challenging, but more importantly, life is full of surprises same applies an incredible stadium. "Journey of a lifetime, because moving and beautiful" are the ultimate manifestation of this spirit of optimism.
LACOSTE first commercials short film "Flying
Leap, "by BETC Paris, the company produced, Seb Edwards directed the" journey of life, due to moving and beautiful "best embodies.
The movie tells a poetic about the first kiss, as well as men to overcome inner fear, brave pursuit of romantic love story. Finally, courageous man jumped, that symbol of his life to overcome obstacles, no hesitation, no looking back, choose to face life is unknown. His love of the story, but also overcome this challenge only in the self, breaking the distance limitation between the two men before they can harvest surprise.
Zhezhi video on February 7 first launched in France, at a time when cable
During the Winter Olympics deed, then from March 2014 will be broadcast worldwide. Whole wave advertising program contains a 30 seconds and a 60-second advertising clips, television and theater for the launch. Simultaneously with print ads, outdoor activities and Internet online advertising.
The print ads are from the creation in Jacob Sutton to poetic portrayal of urban men and women walking gracefully above the city, afraid of life adversity. Minimalist visual effects of urbanization, the connotation of "LACOSTE spirit" to a very beautiful yet simple analogy revealed: full of sports activity, even in the face another big challenge would still be able to easily deal with.

Individually mounted topic classification, retro match point series embodies both energetic and sports fashion, explore color stitching comes from LACOSTE sport the bright idea of bringing a sense of spring, Miami Beach, refreshing and unique style romantic summer style, while all kinds of essential accessories dotted.

Meter uses a lot of lines of elements, both straight and smooth clean lines and a sense of structure, whether it is to create a lightweight layering ladies or men's soft and comfortable jackets and coats, casual styling, all in the summer of message passing. Lightweight material, soft and flexible. Coupled inject freshness of its color, to create a unique visual effect.

To the natural, relaxed and confident for the upcoming summer ready. Soft and light fabric, bound body can not smooth body lines sketched out in comfort while focusing on tailoring create polo a clear outline of the body naturally emit energetic movement. Fresh colors and exquisite craft perfectly demonstrates the original design just for tennis clothing into a single representative of one of the world's high-end lifestyle now clothing brand history.